Victoria West High School

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West Dance Class

Welcome to Dance Class!
My name is Kelsey Baskin. I graduated from Texas State University with a BFA in Dance. I have been teaching in the Houston area for the past five years. This is my third year in VISD! I am very excited to start a new year and get to know my students!
We will be covering many different genres of dance such as Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and Modern. Students need no prior experience to succeed and have fun in class! Here are a few house rules:
- Be polite and respectful of the teacher and peers
- No food or drink inside the classroom/studio
- Dress out in all black every day
- No phones/ ipods/ music players unless given prior permission
- A folder with paper or binder with paper is required for class. Please bring to class each day
Thank you!
Ms. Baskin -
2019-2020 Schedule of Classes
1st Period - Patti Welder
3rd Period- Connference
4th Period- Dance 1-4
5th Period- Drill Team Prep
6th Period- Dance 1-4
7th Period- Legacy