Victoria West High School

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Mrs. Laskowski

Sandra Laskowski
Associate Director
Ms.Laskowski was born and raised in Alice,Texas and attended Texas Lutheran College/University, graduating Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. Ms. Laskowski has taught in George West, Flour Bluff, and in 2003 came to Victoria. Beginning at Crain Middle School, she has also taught Band at Howell before the opening of Victoria West High School in 2010.  She is currently an associate director at Victoria West.   She works with beginning classes and concert bands at Patti Welder Middle Schools.
                              My Daily Schedule

                First Period                   Patti Welder Clarinets

                   Second Period              Patti Welder Symphonic Band

                   Third Period                 Patti Welder Concert Band

                   Fourth Period               Travel/Lunch

                   Fifth Period                  Conference

                   Sixth Period                 West Symphonic and Concert Bands

                   Seventh Period            West Wind Ensemble/West Colorguard

Sandra Laskowski

361-788-2830 ext. 39175 (West)

361-575-4553 ext. 32618 (Patti Welder)