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High Schools Offer Opportunities to Regain Lost Credits

Victoria ISD high schools are proactive and innovative in offering students a free opportunity to gain missing credits through Spring School sessions.

Spring School is an intensive, four-week program offered by Victoria East High School (VEHS) and Victoria West High School (VWHS), designed to help students gain a half-credit from the fall 2020 semester. Both high schools offered a Spring School session from February 8 thru March 10.

Students met with teachers after school on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays to receive face-to-face instruction in coursework that ranged from English 1 to Aquatic Science.

“As our students continue to navigate through face-to-face instruction or remote learning, East High School teachers and staff are committed to providing multiple opportunities to help ensure our students remain successful,” said VEHS Principal Justin Gabrysch. “Throughout this past year, we have asked our students to take on challenges instead of simply avoiding difficult situations, and each time our students and staff continue to rise above and display what it takes to be a true Titan!”

Victoria East High School and Victoria West High School had more than 200 students who completed Spring School without missing more than two classes. Both campuses also had students working through Edgenuity, a program that allows students to move through a self-paced online learning platform for several courses. Students can spend more time on what they need to know and less time on content they have already mastered. Edgenuity has been a successful way students have gained back full credit, while other students are currently utilizing this program to achieve their goals.

“We know that many students have unfinished learning this year due to circumstances beyond their control, so Victoria West High School keeps looking for inventive ways for students to complete their learning and demonstrate mastery,” said VWHS Principal Paul Fleener. “We see students are taking advantage of these opportunities, showing that Warriors will succeed.”

Spring School 2.0 will be available for students with classes starting March 29, 2021, and ending on April 29, 2021. This will consist of 12 class sessions and students cannot miss more than two classes. Students can sign up for one class and campuses will allow students to sign up until the course is full or the session starts. 

For more information on Spring School 2.0, visit the Victoria East High School and Victoria West High School campus websites.